Ducati 6098 R concept , the first attempt by Daniel Garcia

Ducati 6098 R concept photos
Obviously, the Italian manufacturer of two-wheelers had no part in this study made the bold styling of last year and passed relatively unnoticed. This mid-engined berlinetta, powered by a V12 in the imagination of its author extrapolates his conception of the universe of the bike and the same features sharp production Ducati.

The panoramic windscreen is supposed to recall the visor of a helmet, and the grille is inspired by the muzzle of the two-wheeled Italian. When the mysterious name given to the craft, it corresponds to the displacement of the V12 if it were to come to life (6.1 liters).

Designer holds a master's degree in transportation design at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Daniel Garcia signed his first car design study with Ducati 6098 R

Ducati 6098 R concept pics
Ducati 6098 R concept pictures


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